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A person who wants to keep his body intact and mind relaxed needs to do exercise daily. This exercise can be of any type but there are some exercises which have proved to be quite useful in many ways for many people. Out of these exercises, two of them are Pilates and yoga. These two forms are completely different from each other but are extremely beneficial for man’s health if they are included in our daily routine. Reformer pilates in Sydney is a form of an exercise that is done with the help of special equipments while yoga is the exercise in which a there is no involvement of any exercise equipments. In this article, we will be discussing about Pilates and the differencesthat lies between Pilates and yoga.


Pilates is a form of an exercise which is done by using special apparatus specifically built for this exercise. It consists of low impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. A person has to stay in a proper posture while using those equipments or apparatus by maintaing a balance of his physical strength. The name Pilates was given to this exercise because it was introduced by the man named Joseph Pilates in 1920s.People assumes that every form of an exercise is meant to loose the weight but that is not the case as different exercises have different functionalities. Similarly, Pilates is not meant to loose the weight rather it helps in developing flexibility, balance and strength in a man.

Pilates is highly recommended to the people who are into swimming, dancing and other such activities because Pilates increases the flexibility of a body and grows the extent of balance. There are six basic principals that need to be followed if a person is interested in doing this exercise. These principals are centering, concentration, control, precision breath and flow. It is better to wear fitting clothes and go barefoot while doing Pilates so that any piece of clothing would not be the cause of hindrance in your exercise.


Yoga is a completely different form of an exercise from Pilates as yoga is the spiritualexercise which consists of staying in certain postures for sometime while listening the meditational voice. Its main purpose is to provide relaxation to the mind. Yoga is the much easier form of an exercise as compared to Pilates in which there is an involvement of apparatus. For more details about this yoga you can see this page and they can give a reliable information.


Exercise is one of the most integral activities which every person should include in his daily routine. People often think that every exercise is meant to loose your weight but that is not the case as some exercise has different functions as well like Pilates and yoga. Both of these exercises greatly differ from one another but one thing which is common between them is that neither of them is meant to reduce weight. Pilates is the exercise which is done by using apparatus and is meant to increase flexibility and balance in a man’s body. On the other hand, yoga involves specific postures meant to provide mind relaxation. “Yoganic” provides best Pilates opportunities to the women of every age.