Classification Of Women’s Ankle Boots

Classification Of Women’s Ankle Boots

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Shoes are the reason that the Cinderella story exists even today.  It is said that shoes tells a lot about individual’s personality. The kind of shoes that a person chose to wear not only describes your dress code or the place you are going to but it also tells about your mood. If you are wearing joggers or any workout shoes with solid grip and stability then people can tell easily that you are going for an exercise.  If you are wearing corset heal with a dress then either it is a date night for you or a formal dinner. Different people look for different qualities in the type of shoes they want to wear but the most commonly preferred qualities are comfort, style, texture and grip of the shoes.  Both; men and women are equally crazy about the kind of shoes that they wear and there is the huge collection of these shoes available from which they chose. We will be specifically discussing about womens ankle boots in australia and their classification in this article.

Classification of women’s ankle boots:

Boots are of different types including knee high boots, over the knee boots, desert boots; wedge boots and so on. One such type of boots is known as ankle boots. Ankle boots can be defined as the kind of shoes that provides full coverage to your feet; has sturdy sole and reaches up till your ankle. These boots are best suited below dress, long skirts and jeans. We can classify women’s ankle boots on the basis of the height and style of heels like ankle boots with wedges, high heeled ankle boots, etc. Then these boots can also be categorised depending upon shaft height and style like high shaft semi wide ankle, low shaft tight ankle and so on. Material, type colour and tow bed shape are some other such features which can be counted as the basis of their classification from one another. 

European handcrafted shoes:

We know that European shoes are famous for the kind of leather that is used to make them. This leather is long lasting; has durable shine on them and provides just the perfect texture to the shoe. The hand crafted European shoes are not only known for high quality of leather used in its making but their stitching is also at par excellence.


Shoes are the essential wear for every human being. There are different types of shoes that suits different kinds of occasions and clothes wear. Women especially are quite particular about the shoes that they wear. There are heels, poppies, sandals and ankle boots. Ankle boots are the coolest and smartest of all shoes that completes your whole look of the day. These ankle boots are classified on the basis of the heel height, shaft height, material used, style, colour and toe head. “EOS as you are” offers the best variety and quality of Women’s ankle boots.